Man tears razor apart in blind rage in response to ad telling him that some men are overly aggressive. More at 8.
Unfortunately my career doesn’t allow for “feminist as fuck” Lisa Frank office attire. But I can make a reversible dress and switch it once I’m out of work! I thought you trolls might appreciate it.
Mother Nature: the original troll
I'M not emotional! YOU'RE emotional!
Twitter burn.
and I don’t want my friends dating my sister neither
This is apparently a bad thing. I don't see it that way, personally
I thought you all might appreciate this realistic modelling
Antifeminist men can't take jocks.
A charming gent trying to win my heart on OkCupid...
Please remember the reasons we make ourselves small
That and tons of gumption.
You wanna know the truth about macho culture?
The best a man can be?
Louis ck's ""apologies""
MRW I find out that the length of a prison sentence for rape in my country ONLY depends on the severity of physical injuries the victim suffers. So basically if you don‘t sustain a significant amount of physical injuries it doesn‘t even count as rape and the offender gets no prison time.
Never trust the Madelines
When you’ve finished flicking the bean
Jasmin Paris becomes first woman to win 268-mile Montane Spine Race....and expresses breast milk along the way!
Made out of anger at the whole Gillette situation. Be gentle, it’s my first meme!
I made this meme, thank you in advance for making me famous
Leave ‘em in the dust, I say
Played this card and thought this sub would find it amusing 😂
I've never thought about it this way before...
MRW white girls tell me Kamala Harris is the next big thing...
Guess we live in Narnia now 🤷‍♀️
Me in the skincare section at Sephora.
What pops into my head when a MGTOW tries to take on a thread full of feminists
Mrw too stressed to relax even 1%. Ladies, I give you: Rage quit masturbation.
Shout out to my horror movie ladies
Seems about right.
(Art by Ben Steamroller) Pockets make everything better!