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Pizza Nic
One matrix to rule them all
This has been up in our office since the movie came out in 2015. Represent.
Happy Nic, Sad Nic
Had to see if they would do it
CNBC just posted an article of the one and only.
Nic as Superman or Superman as Nic
A truly god tier power
Baby is learning to walk and finally had a chance to pick out his first movie. Solid Pick.
I feel attacked
Our Lord and Savior was mentioned on Last Week Tonight’s Segment about Robocalls
Keep me warm at night my Lord
Mandy, but this time it’s played by the Hamburger Helper: Handy
Finally a decent @Netflix feature
I've already figured this one out. Anybody know where he is?
Seen on twitter
God filter
Take a seat on the royal throne
Politics aside, I think we can all agree we need our best and brightest up there
Nick cage looks like my behelit berserk tattoo
Why wouldn’t he be?
I found this Steam workshop item for Cities:Skylines...
Our Lord has blessed this Mug
I’m putting my foot down
I missed my masters photos but our Lord has not failed me. BLESSED
I have turned my friend into the one true god
Who else is psyched to watch this tomorrow?
Doctor Who Cage?
My gf got me a sexy Nic Cage MyPillow for Valentine's day.
Do you think our messiah of movies would’ve been excellent as superman? I do
Check him out on insta