working against the system
10,000 upvotes & I’ll do it!
Don't tell me what to do, non-functioning movie theater arcade machine!
We adopted Barry and this was what he did on his first walk.
At a highschool
Don't eat them
They’ll never notice.
I ate the whole pizza too ...
Blatant disregard for safety signs
Do I take the chance??
I am not a robot!
This juice box gets it
MTV playing the movie “Friday” on a Saturday.
Parking garage anarchist
Absolutely wild behavior
My coworker wanted his scissors back, so I obliged.
You can’t tell me what to do you’re not my real Dad
You can't tell me what to do!
Pushing my luck with this one.
How big of an anarchist I am (banana for scale)
Never tell me what to upvote
Like I give a fuck
It's not a puck!
my mom breaking the law
Woody Woodpecker
This Coca-Cola vendor gets it
did you know that putting a sign on a door that says "not an exit" makes it physically impossible for it to be used as an exit?
What an absolute mad man.
Good thing they weren't thinking.
Good thing they made this sign
Just try and stop me
Please help I've been stuck at this transit station for days now
This Starbucks cup served with a Costa lid
Fortnight sucks
Robot doesn't care
Fuck society
These gendered, non-gendered restroom signs
Ill fight you, Mary J. Blige.
This author gets it
Anarchy at 30,000 ft.
This poster on the wall
From my physics lab
Coffee in a coke cup
This guy REALLY doesn't like Bob's rules